Montreal Boudoir : Miss S.

Here is a sneak peek at a shoot I have done with Miss S. in the Laval Studio (before it burned!). Miss S. is a wonderful makeup artist, so her looks were simply amazing. She also had really flattering lingerie, with teddies and bralettes and wonderful and original spiky high heels.  Here are a few […]

Boudoir Glam : Miss Elena

This was my third shoot with Miss Elena, and it's always a pleasure to shoot with her.  In addition to her amazing wardrobe and fabulous shoes, she also totally knows how to pose and her happiness is contagious. You can get a sneak-peek by following this link :

Got Curves?

Curvy girls, this one’s for you ! Are you tired of never finding lingerie that brings our your best assets? Check out this online lingerie store, based in Canada : A few clients of mine have ordered from them and the loved their stuff! And maybe if you give you ideas for your next photo shoot […]

What to Wear | Your Cinderalla Story: Blue

OK so… you’ve decided that you want a Cinderella Story kind of shoot. You’ve always been crazy about those ball gowns, and really want to feel like a princess for a day. I totally get you 😉 But…. wait… what can you wear? Need some inspiration? Here is part one of our Cinderella Dress Inspiration […]

Love note: Itisha | Indian Bridal Boudoir

I have had the chance to do a couple of shoots with Itisha already, but she came to see me recently with the idea of doing an Indian Bridal Boudoir shoot, something I had never done before. I have to say I really enjoyed the experience, and so did she ! She literally looked like a […]

Boudoir Belly : Miss C.

Here are some shots of our latest Boudoir Belly Shoot with Miss C. I think I had never done a shoot so late, she was due just a couple of days after the shoot! But everything went well, and she did some amazing shots! Makeup by Annie Duval, MacFolie