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I’m Sylviane Silicani, the photographer behind this fabulous business.

I’ve been a photographer for more than 18 years. I have shot everything, from newborn to advertisement, from fashion editorials to destination weddings, including thousands of others I’d rather forget.  I have 3 Bachelor degrees, 2 Masters, but somehow I think the most important job I can do is being a Glamour and Boudoir photographer and help women find their extraordinary side.

As a woman, I know how insecure we can become about our body, our looks, and how it can reflect on our whole life. And I know how uplifting a Beauty shoot can be, how it will make you feel confident and empowered after the experience. This is why I now pretty much shoot exclusively Boudoir, Glamour & Beauty shoots and have launchd the “Dare to be… Extraordinaire” brand.

Why is this important to me?

Because I believe every woman deserves to feel fabulous, to be extraordinary.

As a Glamour photographer, it’s what I do. I am a master of light, I know how to find beauty, I will help you find your extraordinary side, help you see yourself in a totally different way and make you realize how truly beautiful you are whatever your shape, age and size. Not next year, not 10-lbs lighter, not with a better tan, but right now. It can be in a sexy way with a Boudoir shoot, in a more glam or fashion style with a Glamour shoot, but either way, you will never look at yourself the same way.

And don’t worry, I really don’t take myself seriously, nor does my team, so the experience itself will be lots of fun. We will goof around to help lower your stress level and catch that genuine smile of yours, make jokes, enjoy some treats and bubbles, and I promise, both the experience and the result will be astounding. If you want to see a little more what happens during the shoot, you can go check the “Experience“section.

And please remember: it doesn’t matter if you’ve never done this, if you don’t know what to wear, how to do your makeup, or how to pose.  Most of my clients are moms, wife, career-women who have usually never been a photo studio. It is not your job to create a beautiful photograph, or “be photogenic”, it is ours and I will help and guide you the whole way to.

So dare to be extraordinary… Because you already are. 

E-mail today for more information and to get started planning your dream session: sylviane@silicani.com


Sylviane 🙂

The team in action

I am based in Montreal, where I have my main studio, but I frequently travel to Los Angeles where I have a second studio in downtown L.A. as well as Toronto.  I am also the the owner of VeePhoto Studio, who has a Wedding and Corporate division, and offers workshops for other photographers.  I am available to travel worldwide for private commissions, so feel free to contact me even if you don’t live nearby.