Lingerie tips: Babydolls…

Lingerie tips: Babydolls…

Okay, let’s talk about them. Those things I both love and hate. Yeah, babydolls.They can flatter a figure in an amazing way… or completely destroy it. Choosing wisely in this department is therefore a must. So here are my 5 main tips on the subject.

1. The tighter, the better.

Try to find a babydoll that will show off your curves. Babydolls are often flare, offering a cute, casual style, and I know most of you will feel comfy in them, and sometimes, a comfy, girl-next-door look can be cute… but they can also make you look… fatter. Which we do not want. Ever.

The hourglass shape is the most flattering one for a woman, but with a flare babydoll that does not show your waist, you will have a shapeless, unflattering form, like in this photo…. So try to choose one that defines the waist, either by having a ribbon, a belt, or just a tighter shape.


2. If you really, really like that shapeless one…

Ok, bring it and we’ll work with it 😉 it is the my job after all to make you look good whatever clothes you bring, right? So I will probably make you play with it so that it’s harder to see its shape, raise it up on one side in a naughty way so that our eyes are drawn to something else or sit in a way that still reveals your sexy curves. So no stress 🙂

3. Colors
This applies to any piece of lingerie atually, but we often see a variety of (awful) colors in babydolls. Remember that the subject of the photo is you, not the clothes, so try to avoid super bright, neon colors that will be the only thing we see in the photo. They also do not capture well on certain cameras. Same goes for heavy, colorful patterns that will render you invisible in the photo. Neutral colors always work best, as well as deep, rich colors if you are more daring.

Be careful of skin tones as well: an olive tone may come out nice with certain colors, which may not fit at all with a more pinky complexion. Dont rely on the skin tone of the model you see in the ad, go try them on before the shoot and make sure you choose a color that flatters your skin tone.

For example, if you are super pale, wearing a black babydoll may emphasize your whiteness and maybe a more golden, bronze one would give you a better skin tone.

On the opposite, if you have a really deep tan, wearing orange might not be a good combination either. Cream and purple are also often a good match for darker, chocolate tone.

4. “Problem areas”

Babydolls can be great if you consider that you have some less than perfect areas you’d like to correct.

For example, if your small breats have always been an issue for you, choosing a babydoll with a lot of frills on the breasts can make this area look larger.

If you are apple shape and have no waist, a babydoll with a bow just under your breats and really flare at the bottom can give the illusion of an hourglass shape.

If you have big breats, choose one with large straps and good support. If you have short legs, choose one as short as possible (and bring the highest heels you got, even if you can’t walk with them, catwalks are not mandatory in a boudoir shoot 😉

5. See-through
A see-through babydoll can be a good alternative if you do not want it to be tight, as we will be able to still see your curves through it. Those with an opening on the front can be very fun, too, as in the photo below.


Be careful of its level of opacity, though, as some of you may not be comfortable with a nipple being seen through it…

So babydolls can be fun for a boudoir shoot, but they have to be carefully chosen and tried on prior to the shoot. And if you feel sexy when looking in the mirror, its usually a good sign 😉