Fashion Photography

Fashion shoot in an old loft

Here is a sneak peek of a shoot I have done with an awesome model, Val Sparkle, in an old Montreal loft.  Val has a lot of experience in fashion,  so we were looking for something with an editorial twist.  I think this old loft, with its big windows and old brick walls offered the [...]

Fashion Editorial

Getting up at 5am to catch the first rays of sun can be demanding.... but also very rewarding! Although it was freezing, Ana was brave enough to do these amazing shots by (and in!) the water. We had already done a few shoots together, but in a Boudoir style, so for this one, we decided [...]

What to Wear | Your Cinderalla Story: Blue

OK so… you’ve decided that you want a Cinderella Story kind of shoot. You’ve always been crazy about those ball gowns, and really want to feel like a princess for a day. I totally get you 😉 But…. wait… what can you wear? Need some inspiration? Here is part one of our Cinderella Dress Inspiration […]