What is a Glam Maternity shoot?

Glam Maternity shoots are not like your typical maternity photo sessions, where Dad and the rest of the family tags along. These shoots are meant for you and you only, to celebrate womanhood, your femininity and the miracle you are creating.  This shoot is about you and your own special beauty in this unique moment.  It can be artistic, sexy, glamorous or fashion, whatever style fits most with your personality, but it will be all about you.

Perfect for you if you…

  • want timeless memories of this precious moment
  • want to celebrate being a woman
  • believe you deserve to feel sexy and beautiful even though you might feel bloated and enormous most of the time!

How do I get the look?

Whatever makes you feel good about yourself.  It can be sexy or not, glam or not, from a tiny nightgown that shows your huge belly to a long, tight dress emphasizing your curves.  Here are a few ideas…

style ideas from Polyvore


Here are some shoots we have done, under the Glam Maternity theme… Poses and styles are just meant as inspiration though, and don’t think you have to reproduce exactly what you see here,  you are welcome to totally customize your shoot so that it reflects your own personality. You can also check our our blog for the latest ones.

Want to know more?

Not sure if this style is for you? Visit our other style pages so you can see other ideas that may inspire more. There are a variety of Boudoir styles (naughty, artistic, edgybridal, romantic), and you can also choose a fashion style shoot  or a Glam-Belly shoot if you are pregnant and want to immortalize this unique moment.

Almost ready to book? Schedule a chat with me  so I can answer all the questions you might have.