What is a Boudoir – Artistic style?

The artistic nude photo shoot focuses on the lines and curves of the body, portraying sensual shapes and images with artistic setups of light and shadows… You are usually naked, but your face is often hidden, and the images have a very abstract look, often hard to determine exactly.

Perfect for you if you…

  • are shy or often make silly faces on camera
  • like black & white, abstract art and artistic photography
  • love the human body
  • you are a fitness addict / are proud of your recent diet/workout

What should I wear?

Actually, not much… ! The Artistic Style involves nothing much more than your naked body in all its beauty.  I do suggest accessories, though, such as jewelry, pearls, or diamonds, which always add a nice, classy touch and enhance the body’s natural beauty .  If you do not wish to be totally nude, I would recommend veils or see-through lingerie, such as a nice set of bra/panties or a long, dark neglige. The focus will be on your body rather than you expression or clothing, though.


Here are some shoots we have done, under the Boudoir Artistic theme… Poses and styles are just meant as inspiration though, and don’t think you have to reproduce exactly what you see here,  you are welcome to totally customize your shoot so that it reflects your own personality. You can also check our our blog for the latest ones.

Want to know more?

Not sure if this style is for you? Visit our other style pages so you can see other ideas that may inspire more. There are a variety of other Boudoir styles (romantic, naughty, edgybridal) but you don’t have to do Boudoir either if you are not comfortable, you can also choose a Glamour/Beauty shoot, a Fashion style or a Glam-Belly shoot if you are pregnant and want to immortalize this unique moment.

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