What is a Romantic Boudoir shoot?

The Romantic Boudoir shoot is the classic boudoir style, the intimate portraiture of women.  Very feminine, very innocent, with lots of natural light, pale and soft colors. You are often portrayed as shy, caught in an innocent moment. Bedroom decors are often included, as well as very feminine lingerie.

Perfect for you if you…

  • enjoy classy lingerie
  • love being sexy and feminine
  • are a bit shy in front of the camera (eyes are often down or closed)

What should I wear?

There are many choices for this kind of shoot! Look for something sexy and feminine, in soft and light colors. White lace lingerie, pearls, off-white neglige, cream sets of bra and panties, etc. Vintage looks are also very appropriate.  Here are some ideas…

style ideas found on Polyvore


Here are some shoots we have done, under the Boudoir Romantic theme… Poses and styles are just meant as inspiration though, and don’t think you have to reproduce exactly what you see here,  you are welcome to totally customize your shoot so that it reflects your own personality. You can also check our our blog for the latest ones.

Want to know more?

Not sure if this style is for you? Visit our other style pages so you can see other ideas that may inspire more. There are a variety of other Boudoir styles (naughty, artistic, edgybridal) but you don’t have to do Boudoir either if you are not comfortable, you can also choose a Glamour/Beauty shoot, a Fashion style or a Glam-Belly shoot if you are pregnant and want to immortalize this unique moment.

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